Santander Osper

Re-branding a children's pre-paid debit card to create a sense playfulness, while respecting and incorporating both Osper and Santander's brands.

What is Osper?

Osper’s vision is to empower young people to manage their own money. It's a pre-paid debit card for a child aged 8 or above, and a companion app for parents and children. Parents pay their pocket money automatically, or send money instantly using their parent login, and children can check their balance, spending history and savings goals with their own personal login.

This project was part of a partnership pilot with Santander, to rebrand Osper's product with a look and feel that reflected an equal partnership between Santander and Osper.

Team & role

I was responsible for designing the new branding treatment, re-designing our debit cards, packaging materials, marketing website, order flows, and app.

I worked closely with both the CEO, and the Head of Operations at Osper, who helped co-ordinate design feedback and sign-off with the relevant stakeholders. Everyone at Osper was involved in feedback and iteration throughout the process.

A shared brand

The branding was centered around a red-orange gradient that blended the core colours from both brands. A playful look was achieved through using a variety of "bubbles", which added depth. This background would become the basis of the card design, website, and packaging throughout the project.

Let's work together

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I'm currently available for design projects.

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